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A large portion of the participation in sport in Australia occurs at a junior level. Much of this involvement occurs through students who participate in a variety of after-school and inter-school activities. These students often carry this past their schooling, and go on to complete further sporting exploits or involvement outside of the school environment.

As such SASMA believes it is pivotal for school students to have a basic understanding of sports injury management and prevention, so that they can begin to understand and help manage their own safe involvement in sport and recreation.

The following courses are offered by SASMA for school students:

Basic Sports Nutrition

Our Sports Nutrition workshop focuses on developing the knowledge and understanding for students to be able to make healthy choices about food and nutrition in relation to physical performance.

This workshop will explore the impact that nutrition has on performance and will allow students to gain an understanding of the nutritional requirements necessary for different energy needs.

This workshop runs for a single lesson (approximately 40 Minutes).

$165 per course (maximum of 30 per course)

Training Methods

Training Methods is a 90 minute practical workshop that applies the knowledge that students are learning in Year 11 and Year 12 Physical Education to real life examples. This workshop covers the following:

  • Review of Energy Systems
  • Principles of Training
  • Training Methods
  • Practical session involving student participation in a range of different training methods
$165 per course (maximum of 30 per course)

Sports Taping

SASMA’s Sports Taping courses provide students with practical injury prevention sports taping skills.

There are three different workshops that SASMA can run: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Each workshop covers different taping techniques and builds on the skills learnt in previous lessons.

Throughout the workshop students will be assessed on their taping techniques and will be provided with appropriate feedback.

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Sideline Help Course

The Sideline Help Course provides students with the opportunity to consider and analyse issues related to sports injuries including the prevention, management and rehabilitation of injuries from a range of sporting scenarios.

Its primary objective is to ensure students acquire skills and confidence to be able to provide immediate sports specific injury assistance for themselves as a player, or others if in the capacity as a coach or first aider.

The course runs for a double lesson (approximately 1.5 hours) and is a good way to open up discussions on issues related to sports injuries with your class.
Schools often combine this course with a Basic Taping course to increase the students skill set.

$165 per course (maximum of 30 per course)

Illicit Drugs

The Illicit Drugs workshop is conducted in line with the Illicit Drugs courses rolled out by DOHA across National Sporting Organisations. SASMA is a delivery agent of this program. This workshop will run for approximately 45 minutes.

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Sport Nutrition (SISSCGP309A)

This 1-hour session is directly linked with the skill set of SISSCGP309A Develop nutritional strategies and covers the following:

  1. Nutritional requirements for peak performance 
  2. Nutritional practices to enhance peak performance
  3. Nutritional deficiencies and eating disorders

$165 per course (Maximum of 30 per course)

Level 1 Sports Trainer Course

The Level 1 Sports Trainers Course is designed to provide students with the basic knowledge and skills of how to prevent and manage sporting injuries that can lead to working with sporting teams and clubs.

Students will learn all the skills it takes to be a sports trainer with a team, including correct management of sporting injuries, concussion management, basic sports taping techniques and when and how to move an injured athlete.

The course structure involves an online theory component and up to seven x 1.5 hour in class workshops. Depending on the year level some of the in class workshops may have already been covered by the school and this will reduce the contact time.

*SASMA is an AFL endorsed provider of the Level 1 and Level 2 Sports Trainers Courses in South Australia.

Cost: $165 per workshop + $66 per person
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For a full list of workshops we can offer your school click here or for further information please contact the SASMA Office for more details.